Encompass Foundations

Web Developer
Project Overview
This website is for the philanthropic organization Encompass Foundations. They needed a website that could exemplify their work and drive donations. I am so grateful that I was able to work with this incredible organization.
My Contributions
I was the lead developer on this project. I took the website from a design to reality. One of the new challenges that I faced for this project was creating a custom database with form submission for job applications and a custom content management system for the client so they could update the content on the site as needed. It was an interesting challenge that opened up many new opportunities for furthering my web development and server management skills.
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Logan Stein
CIO and Lead Web Developer
July 2018 - November 2020
I sat on the board at Encompass Foundations as Chief Informational Officer. My good friend Hamsini Kala is passionate about battling domestic violence, so she founded Encompass. Encompass is a charity that offers counseling among other things for the victims of domestic violence. They work to educate the public on domestic violence and mental health. I deeply enjoyed my time there and I am proud of helping in any way I could. However, I decided it was time for me to step down and hand over the operations to someone who could devote the time necessary to ensuring the smooth operations of the organization.
We strive to educate and empower the public and survivors of trauma on domestic violence and the importance of mental health. We explore means of prevention against violation of human rights and further mental health stigmas.

I am so honored to have had such a large role in something so important. Their website is the face of the company and their portal to the world. It makes their mission accessible to the public and gives their message a platform. I'm proud to have made a website that represents this important organization so well.

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